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  • Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services Virginia Biotechnology Research Park
Richmond, Virginia

McKinney and Company performed a geotechnical investigation at the site of the proposed Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services in Richmond, Virginia. The facility is a four-story office/laboratory structure supported on shallow reinforced concrete foundations. The structure consists of structural concrete and structural steel frame, masonry and precast concrete veneer exterior and a concrete slab on grade and structural slab floor system. Attached to the office/laboratory building is a four level parking deck. The upper level parking decks consist of pre-stressed, post tensioned concrete.

This geotechnical investigation was performed to determine the subsurface conditions at the proposed building. Services included retrieving soil samples from field exploration and performing testing on selected soil samples in our laboratory.

A report stating the findings of the field investigation, general geotechnical design recommendations, foundation design recommendations and construction recommendations was prepared McKinney and Company for use in the design of the structures.

Subsequently, McKinney and Company performed field observation and testing services and served as the Special Inspections Engineer of Record for the facility. During the earthwork phases of the project, McKinney technicians observed the bearing conditions for the shallow reinforced concrete footings and observed the water proofing and back filling with free draining stone of the foundation walls.

McKinney and Company observed the placement of and field and laboratory testing of cast in place concrete. These services included the observation of the formed foundation elements, review of the reinforcement placed in the foundation elements, concrete slabs and columns, field testing of fresh concrete and laboratory testing of compressive strength test specimens.

During erection of the structural steel frame, McKinney’s Certified Weld Inspector observed the columns for plumbness and performed visual evaluation of the field welds in accordance with AWS procedures. We have also observed and evaluated the welding of precast concrete panels.

Post tensioning tendon placement and tensioning was observed by McKinney and Company. During the construction of the post tensioned slabs, McKinney utilized maturity meter analyses and creative curing environments for field cured cylinders to accurately gauge the in-place strength of the field concrete so that tensioning could be performed at the earliest possible date and time. Subsequent to each placement, McKinney personnel observed the stressing of the post tension cables.