Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers strive to provide cost effective design solutions for a wide range of applications involved in renovation, repair or new construction.Our experience with building exterior materials includes:

  • Conventional masonry
  • Metal wall panels
  • Pre-cast concrete wall panels
  • Tilt-up concrete wall panels cast on site
  • Projects include the design of industrial, commercial and office buildings, with specialized design of gantry cranes, water containment tanks, sign supports, and equipment foundations. We are represented on the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committees 302, 117 and 360 benefiting from the latest technology, and contributing to the design guidelines for concrete floors and slabs on grade.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Framing and foundations for industrial, commercial and office buildings
  • Process applications and facilities engineering for the design of equipment foundations and support platforms
  • Containment structures of both concrete and steel construction
  • Crane runways and hoist supports
  • Jib cranes and conveyor support systems for materials handling
  • Forensic analysis, consulting and expert testimony