Howmet Castings (An Alcoa Business)
Hampton, Virginia

McKinney and Company served as the Special Inspections Engineer of Record for the HOWMET Castings facility that consists of several single story industrial/office structures. The structures are supported both on driven precast concrete piles and shallow reinforced concrete footings and grade beams. The structures generally consist of a structural steel frame, precast wall panel exteriors and a slab on grade floor system.

During the earthwork phases of the projects we observed the proofrolling of the subgrades in preparation for the placement of structural fill, and performed compaction testing on the structural fill, utility backfill and stone subbase. In support of the field operations, geotechnical testing services (to include several classification tests and Proctor tests) were performed in our laboratory to evaluate several on-site and off-site borrow sources.

During the foundation construction phases of the project, our field technicians observed the driving of precast concrete piles to include measurement of the driven length and blow counts in accordance with the project specifications and the geotechnical report.

At the completion of earthwork operations we observed the placement of and field and laboratory testing of cast in place concrete. These services included the observation and probing of exposed bearing strata, review of the reinforcement placed in the foundation elements and concrete slabs, field testing of fresh concrete, and laboratory testing of compressive strength test specimens.

During erection of the structural steel frame, we observed the columns for plumbness and performed visual evaluation of the field welds in accordance with AWS procedures.