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  • BioTech8 Expansion, Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

BioTech8 Expansion, Virginia Biotechnology Research Park
Richmond, Virginia

McKinney and Company provided full-service design and construction management for a six-story, 108,700 SF building addition for Health Diagnostics Laboratory (HDL), leader in health management. The building addition to Biotech 8 includes laboratories, offices, training, and wellness/fitness areas, as well as spaces for warehousing and logistics. The project also added two levels of parking for 200 additional vehicles to the existing, adjacent parking deck.

McKinney has provided design and engineering support for the growth of Health Diagnostics Laboratory in the Biotech 8 building on the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park campus. This work has included expansion of utility systems, air, nitrogen, humidity control, emergency power, waste handling and special needs for sensitive testing equipment.